2011 Fire Dancing Expo

What: 2011 Fire Dancing Expo
Where: Union Square (Geary and Post)
When: April 23, 2011 at 7:50-10:00 pm
Why: In honor of National Dance Week in celebration of the diversity of dance!
Cost: Free!!

Bring a chair and a blanket and join us April 23, 2011 at 7:50 pm for our sixth annual free fire dancing show in San Francisco’s legendary Union Square (Geary and Post). Arrive early to ensure you have space to set up your chair. Photographers should arrive by 7:15 to gain admittance to the photographer’s section.

This year’s artists are listed below in (mostly) alphabetical order. The show order will be announced a few days before the event:


Aileen Deirdre Lawlor

Aileen Deirdre Lawlor is known worldwide for her unique, graceful FireStaff flow. She’s been performing and teaching throughout the world since 2004.

Bene Aria & Kahunahula

Artists: Bene Aria & Kahunahula

Bene Aria has been dancing with fire since 2007 and loving every moment of it. Kahunahula hoops throughout the Bay Area as a soloist and with the fire troupes Solar Flare and Firish.

Candice “Candela” Young

Candice Young practiced and taught gymnastics before discovering fire dancing. She is a regular member of Fire University, Davis.

Celsius & Maxim

Artists: Celsius Maximus & Maxim Maximus

Celsius has been a professional fire artist for over 6 years and is joined by his protege Maxim, the youngest fire spinning performer in the world, who has been spinning staff 1/3 of his life.

Circus Impossible

Artists: Jake Yoshioka & Mary Jane Schroeder


Jake Yoshioka and Mary Jane Schroeder live in Santa Cruz. They are both students but plan on joining the circus as soon as possible. They have been working together for about a year.

Controlled Burn

Artists: Alexander Porten, Amanda Brown, Bonnie Hill, Braden Wesnousky, Brenda Ashworth, Carlyn Perona, David Borders, David Hirshman, David King, Don Massie, Erika Wesnousky, Forrest Henderson, Jason Brown, Katrina Whitten, Kelin Whitten, Morgan Helsper, Nicole Fairfield, Roger Stimson, Sage Ashworth, and Thomas Fougner

Controlled Burn of Reno was ignited in 2000. This volunteer group of parents, children, partners and friends is honored to return for their 3rd appearance at the Fire Dancing Expo.

Devil Stix Dave

Devil Stix Dave offers professional, insured & entertaining fire performances and is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, custom made Fire Flower Sticks, Fire Poi & Fun Flow Toys.


Josefine Friederike Seufzer has resided in Singapore & Germany while working as an all-around stage performer. Due to destiny she became one of the levitation-stick coryphaeus’, introducing her own groundbreaking long-string technique in 2oo9.

Fire Euphoria

Artists: Luna Del Fuego, Juicy JessWhite Rabbit

Fire Euphoria is a Santa Cruz based group that works to expand the fire arts to other styles of performance and dance.

Free Kittens

Artists: Kara “Karasmatic” Moore-O’Leary and Lauren “L’Kat” Boswell

Free Kittens is a fire flow duo who stretch the boundaries of fire performance by blending acroyoga and contact play with fire tools.

Fuego Del Alma

Fuego del Alma, a fire dancer of 5 years and only 19, is bringing all he’s got to mesmerize the crowd and inspire everyone he can.


GlitterGirl, founder of 3 time Best-of-the-Bay Winner Temple of Poi and visionary producer of this annual event, brings her unique and expressive poi dance performance stylings to the stage.

Iconic Fire


Leo is a fire dancer from Canada and one of the world’s poi spinners pushing the edge of the art form.

Maestro & Karasmatic

Artists: Matt “Maestro” Freedman & Kara “Karasmatic” Moore-O’Leary

Matt and Kara are the founders of Solar Flare, a Northern California fire arts troupe, and have been performing flaming sexy duets together since 2007.


Artists:Cressie Mae, Heather Denham, Jen “Jem Destiny”, Lauren Guarjargo & Satise Dizon

Mandala is a newly formed  hoop troupe  consisting of five diverse women who perform fire hooping amongst their many other talents.

Dao de Flow

Artists: Gage Hanks & Nicky Evers

Gage Hanks and Nicky Evers taught and performed together with Spark! Circus, a non-profit play project based in Mae Sot, Thailand.


Artists: Brenda “Manzanita” Fagan & R. Paramour Cook

Debuting together in 2007 as part of Invisible Best Friend, Brenda “Manzanita” Fagan and R. Paramour Cook return to the Expo stage as R&B.

Corey and the Fans

Corey White of the Vulcan Crew is a movement artist, choreographer, and passionate fighter for bringing physicality, dance, and stage presence to the spinning arts.

Overtly Combustible Dance (OCD)

Artists: Jordan Campbell & Lara Hopwood

Jordan Campbell and Lara Hopwood bring over 13 years combined fire performance experience to the stage. Both are dedicated fire arts instructors.

Taylor Lee Werner

Taylor Lee Werner is an emerging artist from the Pacific Northwest. She’s been facilitating fire flow since 2005, when a techno party changed her life.

Ted Petrosky

Ted Petrosky has been a performer in NYC for the last 2 years after 7 solid years of spinning and teaching.


Artists: Ty Voliter & Ramsey

Ramsey and Ty started classes at Temple of Poi last year and their spinning abilities have taken off. They are ecstatic to do their first public performance this year and really get their poi juices flowing.

The Pyroglyphicks of Solar Flare

Artists: Rachel Rajput & Monica Fine

Maharani and Ms Fine are the Pyroglyphicks of Solar Flare, a Bay Area based Fire and Light performance troupe for hire.

The Golden Poisters

John Routson

John Routson started spinning fire poi at the Flow Temple in Venice California, his performance is dedicated to his late teacher, Dan Gordon Levitt, aka Burning Dan, who performed in the Expo in 2008.

Duo UnCut of Flamma

Artists: Annika Hakala & Katra Solopuro

Katra and Annika come from a chilly Finland with an aim to bring some hotness to the world with combining poi dancing and technicality together.


The Amazing Zihni

Erol “Zihni” Efendioglu is a fire spinning super hero making his second professional appearance for the 2011 Fire Dancing Expo.




The 2011 Expo also marks the 6th Anniversary of Temple of Poi Fire Dancing Expo and this show is once again on the City of San Francisco and Union Square’s Jewels in the Square Program. Jewels in the Square is an ongoing series of culturally significant presentations made in San Francisco’s Union Square in an effort to make diverse entertainment available to the public for free.

The creation of this event is a tremendous leap in the efforts to legitimize fire dancing as an art form by taking it out of parking lots and putting it on landmark stages like Union Square. The Expo celebrates safe, legally permitted, public fire dancing performance in honor of National Dance Week, an annual 10-day week of free public dance events in the Bay Area designed to showcase the dynamic diversity and critically acclaimed quality of Bay Area dance.

Temple of Poi supports this vision by creating an unprecedented opportunity to celebrate fire dancing at no cost to the artists or audience. This event is a not for profit event created with the intention of:

  • offering more performance opportunities for fire dancers
  • giving novice artists who might otherwise not have an opportunity to perform in a public setting an opportunity where they can invite friends and family to see them express their art
  • increased exposure to the flow fire art forms by creating a legally permitted public event at a San Francisco landmark location
  • raise the awareness of fire dancing as a prestigious dance form by holding this event on the opening night of National Dance Week

This event is being financed by Isa “GlitterGirl” Isaacs, Temple of Poi, Union Square Park and San Francisco, generous donations from the following people:
Allen Santos
Amy Poland Bates
Angie Kalea Ho
Anne Petersen aka Curly Love
Brett “Retch” Pomales
C. Rindi
Caroline Staub
Collen Carlston
Consolidated Awesome
Daniel G. Van Olst
Darlene Fong
Diane Waye
Dr. Lara Kossover, D.C.
Eldar Noe Dobrea
Emily S. Purdy
Gary Wong
Glenn Meader
Greg Schwartz
Hana Theobald
Isabel Dennis
Jaden Rose
Joanna Tong
Julie “Slang” Beloussow
Katie Darden – Fireblessed Art
Kris Young
Lara Eastburn
Lara M. Hopwood
Laura Wong
Layne Varholdt
Liz Christensen
Lora Scott
Marie “Blaze” Barnett
Marla “Luna” Kaya
Mary Jerusha Teraji
Matthew Freedman
Matty Morin
Maury Kendall
Melinda “FireCracker” Sanders-McCollough
Michelle Shaffer
Nannette “Fire Nymph” Hawxhurst
Nathan Scot
Rachel “Maharani” Rajput
Sacred Circularities
Sacred Flame
Sara Gagnon
Satori Dance Studio
Seraphina Fiero
Shelly Ross
Solomon Dimitrius Ossa
Stacy Bloom
Steven Walker
Susan and Tim Bratton
Susan Drew Watkins
Ty Sid
Waldemar Horwat
Will Benson
Ali H
Amy Chen
Ann Weaver
Asymmetrical One
Aubrey Spath
Ben Drexler
Bob Voliter
Brenda Fagan
Cameron Jones
Candace Denton
Celsius Maximus
Colleen Sullivan
Darren Kruger
Darren Weiss
David Lee
Geof Teague
Glen Raphael
Ivan Kershner
James Brewer
Jamie Tuckey
jef caers
Jeff Westbrook
Katie desmond
Khan Wong
krista borst
Leslie Cook
Magick Plur
Mark Lewis
Martha Thompson
Melanie Campbell
Melvyn Lim
Memory Elena
Mitch Lustig
Nicolle Aleman
Niki Skelton
Pamela M. Howe
Paul and April Buchheit
Native Plant Nursery and Landscaping Service
Pritpal Singh
R. Paramour Cook
Rachel Schneir
Richard Warner
Runn Vermel
Sage Nelson
Sarah Cross
Saundra Davis
Stefanie Tong
Studio Ji
sunny tong
Tara Stevens
Ty Voliter
Xavier Caylor

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